Rhonda Nicholl

CU Show Choir

RHONDA NICHOLL sneaks out to sing the praises of Cambridge’s latest medley of musical morsels, and assures you that it’s OK for you to do the same.

The Mexican Standoff

The Mexican Standoff lives up to its interminable Facebook campaign, wielding more than guns, tacos and tequila for RHONDA NICHOLL.

Margot de Sade

RHONDA NICHOLL comes off all lavish after the overwhelming Margot de Sade treats her to an evening of hyperbolic theatre

Dannish Babar Knows What You’re Thinking

RHONDA NICHOLL really doesn’t know what Dannish Babar’s thinking.


RHONDA NICHOLL’s soul is hardened by school-play standard Jonson.

Corpus Birthday Smoker

Warped moments of hilarity and unenlightened disdain…The Corpus Smoker proves to be a mixed bag for RHONDA NICHOLL.