rhodes must fall

Student Activists Protest for Repatriation

Members of Decolonise Art History march on Trinity College to demand the return of the Gweagal S​pears

Cambridge History Faculty responds to reform at Oxford

Oxford is introducing a compulsory ‘non-British and non-European paper’

Cambridge Must Fall

There’s something terrible around every corner.

Stephen Fry condemns the “self pity” of abuse victims and “infantile” student activism

He said the advances of the Enlightenment are being deliberately pushed back

BREAKING: Oriel College tells the world RHODES WILL NOT FALL

History will not be rewritten, says Oriel, finally bringing the massive “Rhodes Must Fall in Oxford” media phenomenon to something of a conclusion

Why Rhodes doesn’t need to fall any more than the Soviet flag in King’s

RMF is on a Rhode to ruin.

Leader of “Rhodes Must Fall Oxford” campaign receives a Rhodes scholarship

It’s the latest twist in the ballooning, baffling media phenomenon that is Oxford’s “Rhodes Must Fall” campaign