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Review: Shakers: Restirred

Wit, charm and warmth in deepest Yorkshire.

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Review: Orlando

Unpolished but a delight nonetheless.

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‘The Maids’ Review

A thrilling, deeply uncomfortable, and striking production

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REVIEW The Impronauts: Improv on the Orient Express

If I were a fifty year old man I’d say it was ‘a romp of an evening’.

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The Physicists review

Some outstanding acting, but the interpretation as a whole lacked conviction

REVIEW: Hippolytus

Robyn Bellinger was impressed by Hippolytus, an ancient play with a fresh perspective

REVIEW: Hay Fever

Lashings of 1920s style gallivanting around – hurrah! Jolly good show.

REVIEW: Footlights Spring Revue: Chocolate Moose

I was going to joke about how this show was highly a-moose-ing, but I wanted to retain some journalistic integrity

REVIEW: CUMTS Gala Night 2016: Live in Living Colour!

Warning: ecstatic reviewer.

REVIEW: Quinoa II: No Pain No Grain

Technical difficulties unfortunately handicap a talented cast, says Carine Valarche.

REVIEW: Great Expectations

Robyn Bellinger saw huge potential in Great Expectations but felt the energy was lacking.

REVIEW: Metamorphosis

Peter Curry loved this creative and intriguing interpretation of Metamorphosis which did justice to Kafka’s masterpiece.

REVIEW: Ten Plagues

Dani Cugini is confused and mesmerised by one of Cambridge’s most experimental shows to date.

REVIEW: Measure for Measure

Shakespeare’s meditation on vice and virtue has been marvellously brought to life by the Marlowe Society at The Cambridge Arts Theatre.

REVIEW: Philadelphia, Here I Come!

Jamie P. Robson is enchanted by this pitch-perfect production of Brian Friel’s humorous, touching play about the uncertainties of leaving home.

REVIEW: Lulu: A Carnal Tragedy

I will never look at asparagus the same way again.

REVIEW: A Life of Galileo

Or: ‘ – The Play’

REVIEW: The History Boys

The History Boys demands a livelier production to match the scintillating wit of the script, says Jamie P. Robson.

REVIEW: The Forest Grimm

Luke Dell was thoroughly impressed by this poetic adaptation of the Grimm Brothers’ infamous fairy-tales.

REVIEW: Farewell Tim

Helen Ockenden enjoys a fast-moving sketch show from the minds of veteran funny folks, Robb and Knights.