Diary of a 3rd Year

Eyebrow plucking, the UL Reading Room and Aled from Radio 1: KATIE MAIR imparts some revision wisdom.

Siana Bangura: Week 8

This week SIANA enjoys the little things, such as random, useless nuggets of facts.

Get A Movie On

It’s dark, it’s rainy and the future is anything but orange. With no inspiration, it’s hard to see a career forming ahead of us. So we sent JAMES MITCHELL to collect some movie inspiration for our shaky career prospects.

Katie Zinser: Week 7

If you see KATIE in the library it’s probably just because she can’t stand to be alone.

Wacky Revision Tips

LAURA GRAYLING banishes revision boredom.

Eggs-ham Food

LEAF ARBUTHNOT is back with food to feed the brain.

Lucy Butterfield

LUCY BUTTERFIELD procrastinates, and she invites you to join her.

The Language Of The Like

That chirpy Facebook thumbs-up is undermining our use of language, one happy click at a time.

Britain’s Got More Entertaining

SIMON BAJKOWSKI muses on the changing face of Britain’s Got Talent, suggesting that since this series runs off the back of an oh-so-familiar precedent, the post-modern viewer requires something different from the BGT experience. Enter Messrs McIntyre and Hoff.

How to Frolic

It is essential for the continued functioning of the universe that for every boring thing (revision) at least two fun things must happen. KATIE MAIR teaches us how to frolic.

Uncle A Allays Facebook Fears

Uncle A encourages diligent student Pablo to enter the virtual minefield that is Facebook.

The Vile Voyeur

Relishing Perishing