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Why are we still acting surprised at the number of Londoners at Oxbridge?

It’s clear that pupils from London and the southeast still dominate

Does the state vs private school divide still matter at Cambridge?

Perhaps less so than you might think

Record number of state school students admitted to Cambridge

63% of incoming freshers were educated in the state sector

Your degree isn’t harder than mine

We need to stop comparing each other at Cambridge

Private vs state school – Cambridge’s most irrelevant battle?

Nobody cares, we’re all at Cambridge now

Cambridge says NO to lower offers for disadvantaged students

Access targets have also been cut.

Check my privilege? Check yours

The intersectionality movement has ignored an important oppressed minority.

The News Bulletin, Week 5: Tory Triggers, Chundergraduates and Fashionista Faff

Jack Benda and Ellie Olcott round up the weekly news

Fuck Cambridge lad culture – tits, bevs and banter belong in the past

Let’s bury lad culture with the ghost of first term

DMCs need to die now

Do us a favour

Everyone needs to calm the fuck down about state schools

ZACK HASSAN wants to know what the problem is with the idea of state school only colleges.

I went to Bristol for three years and it was shit compared to Cambridge

Isobel Cockerell argues that the Cambridge experience is undeniably superior.

Snobby Oxford way below Cambridge in state school admissions

Oxford’s state school admissions continue to fall, whilst those at Cambridge are on the rise.

Private schools are destroying society

Private schools make PATRICK BROOKS angry. Really angry. And he wants you to be angry about them too.

Alex Jackman: Week 7

This week ALEX JACKMAN is dismayed by the mixed responses to his serious journalism, so ejects a big pile of stereotypical columnist word-vomit.

Alastair Campbell: The Man Who Hates Cambridge

The former spin-doctor lectures Cambridge students about “A Life at the Nexus of Media and Politics”

Be Patronised

The University’s latest attempt to get state school pupils to apply to Cambridge is patronising, ill-considered tripe.

“Poor Us” Say Private Schools

The union of private schools’ head teachers has said the Government shouldn’t tell universities to “discriminate against” privately educated students.