Priscilla Mensah

Cambridge’s next Vice Chancellor: Our Top Ten

Defo Obama amirite?

BREAKING: CUSU passes motion for NUS referendum

FINALLY we have an answer.

TAB TV: Students demand justice for Giulio Regeni

JACK LEWY and CAITLIN MCCARTNEY report on the death of Cambridge PhD student Giulio Regeni in Egypt this year.

Easter News Roundup: Fruitcakes, Cocks, and Ankara

ARMIN SOLIMANI brings you all the news, all the goss, and whatever other nonsense you swan fetishists have been getting up to over these most sacred of holidays


We’re bringing you all the gossip, drama, and scintillating action LIVE.

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that CUSU elections can actually matter

Cast your minds back to the heady days of Lent 2015

JCRs unite to oppose Cambridge University’s claim it is EXEMPT from full public scrutiny

JCRs, MCRs and student journalists rally against the University’s attempt to obstruct freedom of information

The People’s Republic speaks: where’s your sense of camaraderie?

Don’t blame CUSU for not publishing your Marx…

CUSU goes Marxist: Tompkins Table in danger as Comrade Priscilla declares all colleges equal

Welcome to the People’s Republic of Cambridge University.

Another £100,000 please! CUSU is CU-Screwed after finance goes astray

Believe it or not, they’ve been bailed out