Homophobia isn’t dead in Cambridge

‘Oi, gay night’s on Tuesday’

Straight man tries Gay Night: A response

Yesterday’s article on being a straight man on a gay night was well-intentioned but offensive, says HANNAH GRAHAM.

Be Whoresome

TIM SQUIRRELL is sick of slagging women off, and argues all genders should wear their promiscuity with pride.

I Need Feminism Because…

One anonymous male and converted anti-feminist admits that we really do need feminism to battle the sexism that lurks within.

The Long And Short Of It

6″4 TIM SQUIRRELL explains why it’s actually the tall people that get the short end of the stick in life.

The Height of Prejudice

Jokes, prejudice and Hobbit comparisons: FELIX NUGEE describes the difficulties of being diminutive.

October Babies: The Oxbridge Expose

KATIE ZINSER exposes disgusting new revelations of bias in the Oxbridge application system.

Tab Tries: Writing For The Tab

CLAUDIA LEONG writes for the Tab, and is ostracised for it.

The New Ageism

Tab favourite SASKIA GOLDMAN has been riled and, as ever, her target should be worried, no matter how old they are.

Booze, Abuse and Playing Blues

Will Smith wants you to love him…or at least love Cambridge.

Culture Column 2: Ami Jones

AMI JONES writes a race-y article for the second ever Culture Column.

Subject Snobbery

SWYN HAF investigates subject stereotypes