Revealed: Secret recording shows CUCA members scoffing at burning money in front of homeless

One member interrupted a speech with ‘It should have been a £50 note’, followed by raucous laughter

REVIEW: Pembroke May Ball 2017

Absolutely worth it


POSH was legendary, smashing, and all the other words its characters use to effusively praise things. In short, it’s a riot.

Check my privilege? Check yours

The intersectionality movement has ignored an important oppressed minority.

Tab guide to etiquette: Afternoon tea

How to make it seem like you have tea more than Her Majesty, the Queen.

We asked students at other universities what they think about Cambridge

What rhymes with punts?

Wine Whine

Gone are the days when my drink of choice was “whatever’s cheapest in Iceland”

Let’s talk class at Cambridge

If the height of persecution for public school boys is a satirical article in The Tab, then that might be part of the problem

Fuck Cambridge lad culture – tits, bevs and banter belong in the past

Let’s bury lad culture with the ghost of first term

Kittens show their claws as Catz male drinking society BANS all initiations

“We are a sporting society, not a drinking society”

The definitive ranking of Cambridge student stereotypes

From wardrobes full of chinos to a passion for fox hunting, there are hundreds of myths surrounding the students of Cambridge Uni.

From Town to Gown: bridging the gap

Sleeping with the Enemy

Zen and the Art of Commenting on the Tab

The Tab meets: Tab commenters

How To Survive Outside of The Cambridge Bubble

Christmas fast approaching, the sturdy haven of Cambridge will again soon shatter into the horrors of The Real World. Here’s how to shake off those red trousers and survive outside the bubble…

Eton Mess: A Response

Are Cambridge’s gates open to all? In the wake of more national press coverage for Cambridge, PRANJAL ARYA assesses who is to blame for the stereotypes that surround our university.

Jesus Jokers In Eton Mess

A trio of Jesus students are in a sticky situation after posing as Etonian applicants.

Tab Cribs: St John’s

DUNCAN MAUD tells BEN DALTON a tale of domestic bliss from his room at John’s. Just without a bidet.

Interview: Al Murray

My first Fringe show was described as ‘the worst show on the Fringe.’ ELENA PALA has a white wine with legendary pub landlord AL MURRAY.

Sophie Thorpe

Join our brand new columnist SOPHIE THORPE as she struggles through life as a posh girl.


CAITLIN DOHERTY mourns the absence of Tory-bashing, but is otherwise taken in by a poignant stab at privilege and elitism.