We can do without the faux-feministing

Porngasms are not real

Alexia Sharp explodes the bumpin’ and grindin’ myth of the female orgasm.


ELI BOND enjoys Pornography despite some directing issues.

Porn on Uni Internet: Ban this Sick Filth?

TIM SQUIRRELL and LAURA BATEY give and receive over the merits of digital masturbatory material.

Love Survey: The Results Part 2

What do you love more: The Tab, or porn? Funny you should ask…

Love Survey: The Results Part 1

Your results have been counted. Find out what Cambridge students really think about sex, love, and marriage.

The Porn Debate: Anna Span

HELEN BRANNIGAN delves into the world of adult film with award-winning pornographer ANNA SPAN. “Ask yourself, why is it wrong to look at people having sex?”

The Porn Debate: Shelley Lubben

TABATHA LEGGETT talks about the shocking truth behind pornography with ex-porn star SHELLEY LUBBEN. “Porn destroys people: both viewers and makers.”


PHOEBE LUCKHURST isn’t a monologue fan, but still gets some kicks from Pornography.

Church Pull Porn Flyer

Cast and crew of new play ‘Pornography’ were surprised to find residents, including church staff, have been pulling down their posters.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 1

Theatre Editor KIERAN CORCORAN has some big paws to fill. Judge him as he rounds up this week’s pack of plays.

The Word on The Street: Porn at The Union

Watch what the people of Cambridge think about the Union’s decision to host porn stars in their prestigious chambers.

The Porn Debate Shows The Union At Their Best

JACK RIVLIN: ‘Idiots will criticise the pornography debate and its speakers, but it is controversy – in the truest sense of the word – that the Union exists for.’

Is Pop Porn?

MAX DURSTON asks whether Lady Gaga’s pop videos are hypersexualised, or just a bit weird.

Ultimate Destination

Sex life suffering from evening after evening looking at the same old ceiling? Try our ultimate Cambridge destinations for size. Just don’t get caught.

Jess Murray

The Problems of Pornography.