pole dancing

Tab TV tries pole dancing

We join Amber and Amy from Cambridge Pole Fitness to find out just how hard pole dancing is.

Feminists Flustered by Union’s Advances

The Cambridge Union Society has once again managed to ruffle feminist feathers, after a planned event to discuss sexism has fallen through.

Review: Pole Dancing Classes At The Union

‘I no longer idolise bleach blonde hair’ but ‘the sweaty glow and self-assurance that comes with having done a bloody good work out.’

Moaning Mitchell

ROB SMITH is left puzzled by David Mitchell’s condescending response to pole dancing Cantabs.

The State of the Union

JACK RIVLIN asks why the Union is so terrified of sex.

Cambridge Union To Offer Pole Dancing Lessons

Cambridge Union Society is courting controversy with their newest addition to Easter’s termcard, in the form of POLE DANCING lessons.