Young Kato @ The Portland Arms

LOUIS DU SAUZAY thinks up-and-coming band Young Kato proved their potential at the Portland Arms.


We are unimpressed by an over-ambitious staging of The Great Gatsby.

Tab Tries: Funky Fun House

Longing to re-live your childhood? CELIA HART reclaims her youth during a visit to the Funky Fun House.

Rachel Tookey: Week 7

Columns within a column? How meta. It ends there, though, says RACHEL TOOKEY in a bid to end Cambridge pretentiousness

UNBELOOVABLE! Latest ADC Show Set in Ladies’ Toilets

To pee, or not to pee? Excrement is building ahead of the latest ADC pooduction, Troubled Sleep.

Project Piano Scuppered by Thieves

After just a few days, this art project was almost one piano down.

Waiting for Godot

SPOILER ALERT: JAKE ARNOT reveals what never happens in Waiting For Godot. But what does happen is totally unmissable.

Anything But

One woman, one reviewer: ADAM KIRTON sings the praises of former Footlight Abi Tedder.

ICE to See You, To See You, ICE

This show gets some ICE-y treatment from KIKI BETTS-DEAN and NANCY NAPPER-CANTER.

Anna Isaac

ANNA ISAAC dedicates this one to all the people which made her columns possible. No, not you.

Lucy Butterfield

LUCY BUTTERFIELD tries her hand at stage managing. Mistake.

Interview: Simon Callow

A meeting of minds. JAMES SWANTON serves up the theatrical fruits of half an hour with the hallowed Callow.

Sit Down, You Awful People!

In the wake of mass walkout of the RSC’s production of Marat/Sade, LEO PARKER-REES tells the audience where to get off. Expect offensive language and adult themes.

Shameless Promotion

TabTV brings you the latest play previews.

What it takes to…Prepare an ADC show in a fortnight

The Tab goes behind the scenes at the ADC to see just what it takes to get a show ready in just 14 days.