Pierre Novellie

18 Questions for Pierre Novellie

SOPHIE BAUER chats with the omnipresent Pierre Novellie about comedy, comedy, Footlights, comedy, Edinburgh, and women in comedy.

20 Questions with Phil Wang

SOPHIE BAUER talks to the newly-crowned Footlights President, Phil ‘dollop of a man’ Wang about the Footlights presidency, pre-stage nerves, and performing alongside Lee Evans.

Corpus Smoker

The last Smoker of term serves up a healthy portion of belly laughs and splits the sides of HUGO JONES.

Footlights Smoker

TADHGH BARWELL O’CONNOR wishes every Smoker could reach such comic heights…

The Mexican Standoff

The Mexican Standoff lives up to its interminable Facebook campaign, wielding more than guns, tacos and tequila for RHONDA NICHOLL.

Clare Comedy with Ed Gamble

HOLLY STEVENSON blames the audience for her uphill struggle to comedy nirvana

Corpus Birthday Smoker

Warped moments of hilarity and unenlightened disdain…The Corpus Smoker proves to be a mixed bag for RHONDA NICHOLL.

The Fo’Show: Recording at Gardies

JUDITH FAGELSON tastes nothing of the amateur in this light hearted and witty radio feast.

Now, Now

TOBY PARKER REES can finally love again, thanks to Care of Douglas.

Edinburgh Review: Silent Cannonfire

JASON FORBES goes twice & on aggregate decides it’s ‘one of the most absurd, fun, original and anarchic performances of the Fringe’