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Cambridge student launches sick pay campaign

Claudia Pama lost her PhD funding when diagnosed with cancer

Students call for disciplinary procedure reformation

The criminal standard of proof is being called into question

BREAKING: Arrests made regarding the recent murder of Giulio Regeni

37 arrests have been made by the Egyptian police force in connection with the killing of Giulio Regeni

Leader of “Rhodes Must Fall Oxford” campaign receives a Rhodes scholarship

It’s the latest twist in the ballooning, baffling media phenomenon that is Oxford’s “Rhodes Must Fall” campaign

Yale students should deal with debate, not yell it down

The scariest thing about Halloween at Yale was apparently freedom of speech.

Life below the Living Wage

AMELIA HORGAN explains the importance of implementing the living wage across Cambridge.

2 Or 3 Things I Know About Jelly Wrestling

Jelly wrestling is a fine continuation of an ancient tradition and should not be suppressed by spoilsport feminists, argues A SENSITIVE SCHOLAR.


A decision to drop modern Greek at the MML Fac has been met with a 16,000-strong online petition.

Fight For Your Right To Protest

Ex-CUSU Pres Rahul Mansigani condemns the University’s decision to rusticate Owen Holland.

Ditch DSK! Cries CUSU Campaign

The Union are being urged to drop the term’s highest-profile speaker in a petition led by the CUSU Women’s Campaign.

Simon Norman

This week, SIMON NORMAN’s getting all topical. He’s talking occupations and hispters.

Update: CUSU’s Paper Chase For Bursaries

CUSU are urgently rushing to save Cambridge bursaries, facing a race against time to drum up academic support.