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Guys and Dolls: A spectacular spectacle


Cambridge A-Z, Part 3

Finish off the alphabet of wisdom with the final slice of our vital Freshers Guide.

Cambridge A-Z, Part 2

Wise up on plodges, May Week and why everyone hates John’s with Part 2 of our essential Freshers Guide

Cambridge A-Z, Part 1

Literally everything you need to know as a Fresher coming to Cambridge in 2014.

Hey! I’m looking at you, averagely affluent first world living privileged student

Incredibly irritating social media crazes can motivate us to actually do some good, and without wasting water.

Which Harry Potter character is your college?

Take a break from revision with our official alternative prospectus – for wizards only.

The Hanging Christian – Episode 10

Cambridge postcards will never be the same again as the Sunday Serial finally reaches its destructive end…

The Hanging Christian – Episode 9

It’s finally time for the violent climax as everything kicks off on King’s Parade…

The Hanging Christian – Episode 7

Freya puts her life on the line as she goes undercover back into the cult. Will she be found out?

Cambridge is AWESOME

PATRICK BROOKS fucking loves Cambridge, and here’s why you should too.

The Hanging Christian – Episode 6

Freya finally goes to the police as the Sunday Serial continues, but does anyone believe her?

My opinion on a thing and why you should care

JOE FRESHER has opinions and wants you to listen to him. Please. He’s really desperate.

The Hanging Christian – Episode 3

The Sunday Serial continues apace as Freya is introduced to a secret society that lurks at Cambridge’s very heart…

Private schools are destroying society

Private schools make PATRICK BROOKS angry. Really angry. And he wants you to be angry about them too.

The Hanging Christian – Episode 2

In Episode 2 of the new Sunday Serial, our plucky heroine is very late for a very bizarre supervision…

The Hanging Christian – Episode 1

The Sunday Serial returns with a fresh tale of seduction, madness and essay deadlines…

Was Cambridge Worth It?

With Lent around the corner, Fucked Up Fresher TONY HARCOURT evaluates your Michaelmas for you.

Play It Again, Sam

PATRICK BROOKS is left amused but not astounded by this competent production.

SPLEEN: A New Sketch Show

PATRICK BROOKS is left with split sides by a night of scintillating comedy.