REVIEW: Have I Got to Mock the Buzzcocks Ja Vu: A Panel Show Sequel

Dear the Buzzcocks team: us wretched perpetrators of scum and villainy are big fans.

Which “which arbitrary thing is your college” article is your college?

Much aware, very tabception.

Cambridge-related song parodies we didn’t have the budget to make

Upgown Funk gun’ give it to ya

An Austentatious Night Out

ELOISE DAVIES returns with her next literary parody: Jane Austen in the club.

Cambridge Cribs: Mark

This week, Cribs barges in on a rather unprepared student named Mark…

CUSU Probed Me

Tab undercover reporter GROAN HARDSLEY can’t feel his “man glands” after a tumultuous encounter at the CUSU offices.

Jet Set Go!

JEFF CARPENTER soars on wings of camp musical glory.