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Cambridge Union blasted for lack of Women in Lent Line-up

The Cambridge Union have come under fire for having only 1 female speaker in Lent.

Why We Bared Our Bums

Following criticism from certain quarters that our best bum awards are “sexist” and “irresponsible”, three of the participants issue their rear-sponse.

Page 3: Let It Be

Boobs in the media are the least of women’s problems, says ROSIE HORE, who argues we should let tit be.

Sun Blocked Again

Dark day for Sun supporters in Pembroke as boycott vote, clouded in controversy, is sustained.

Why Can’t Women Sleep Around?

Men can boast about their sexual conquests without it tainting their reputation; why is it still not the same for women?

Churchill Keeps ABREAST Of Maggie

Newly released documents from Churchill show Maggie T getting more than she bargained for with The Sun’s view on her economic policy one morning.