oxford university

Interview: Al Murray

My first Fringe show was described as ‘the worst show on the Fringe.’ ELENA PALA has a white wine with legendary pub landlord AL MURRAY.

The News From The Dark Blues

TIM WIGMORE is back, and this week he’s talking about alcohol-free formals and Access schemes. Who said Oxford wasn’t fun?

Rugby Blues Rover The Moon With New Sponsors

Jack Wills have sealed a deal to sponsor Varsity rugby this year, and have taken stash to new levels by chucking in some complimentary cars.

Freshers 2011: Cambridge A-Z, Part 2

Things get messy in part two as we visit Kambar, Life and, of course, the Mahal.

Cambridge On Top Of The World, Again

A number of top uni rankings tables have confirmed what many of us already know: Cambridge is simply unbeatable.

The News From The Dark Blues

TIM WIGMORE is back. This week, he talks: half naked half hours, cross-dressing, and beer flavoured ivy.

Race Row Reopens After PM Roasting

Attacks from David Cameron and Nick Clegg on Oxbridge admission policies have thrown the matter back into the public spotlight, but they face stinging criticism.

No Kidding Around As Cam Goat Wins

Cambridge romped to victory in the annual Goat Race on Saturday, remaining undefeated and proving their superiority over The Other Place.

Sing When We’re Winning

Cambridge proved their dominance over Oxford once again this weekend, this time in the singing stakes.

Tab Interview: Ruth Padel

‘The publishing industry is in a terrible state; it’s ghost written footballers’ memoirs that sell.’ Poet RUTH PADEL talks notoriety, creative writing and pissing off the porters with KATIE FORSTER.

Tab Interview: The Unexpected Items

TABATHA LEGGETT speaks to Matt and Max from The Unexpected Items about the success of Gap Yah, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and videos of cats in bins.

Tab Interview: Lynn Barber

HOLLY STEVENSON talks to Sunday Times interviewer Lynn Barber, whose memoirs inspired the Nick Hornby film ‘An Education’.

Now They’re Even Laughing At You In Shanghai

Freshers heading to Cambridge this October have received another reassurance that they were right to snub the Other Place.


A Fresher from Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, has been sent down for FAKING his grades on his UCAS form.

Dead Ed

The Education Tripos is set to be SCRAPPED under radical new plans to shake up the teaching of Social Sciences in Cambridge.

Sexual Inequality in Sport

Women’s sport in Cambridge is underfunded. It’s time the University took action to end this inequality.

Tories Say: ‘Save Water, Drink Champagne’

The Cambridge University Conservative Association has been slammed for producting an “elitist” freshers’ guide.