Review: CUPO Presents Disney in Trinity 3; Be Our Guest

Will Popplewell put CUPO’s ‘service to the test’ and was completely blown away. He really cannot ‘let it go’.

An Evening of Magic and Jazz

EMMA WELEMINSKY-SMITH is on a sugar-high after SCMS’s triumph with the spangled leadership of Simon Nathan.

Review: CUSE

HARRY HICKMORE thinks that this string ensemble may have played their cards a little too early.

Re:Generation Music Project

JOHN BARDSLEY has a lot of time for the Re:Generation Music Project. It’s quality and it’s free. What’s not to love?


PETE SKIDMORE gives the highest possible praise to a group of folk singers who would look at home in a 16th century tavern.

Once Upon a Dream

ABBIE SAUNDERS gets all animated over a musical Disney binge. She may even have been singing along.

The Way Through The Woods

Theatre Editor KIERAN CORCORAN gets lost in the woods late at night. And likes it.

Tab Classical

JOE CONWAY’s weekly column returns, with a guest review from JEFF CARPENTER.

Review: CUMS 1 Concert

JOE CONWAY is full of praise for what ‘turned out to be a bit of a miraculous evening’.

Review: CUCO

JOE CONWAY found the psuedo-chat show interlude in this otherwise exciting evening a little superfluous.

Review: Pelleas et Melisande

JOE CONWAY enjoyed a production of Pelléas et Mélisande that was somewhat marred by clumsy and static direction.