New Cellars


Carine was told to have low expectations and to be ready to laugh at the freshers if everything else went wrong, but in spite of some errors she found this show a pleasure to watch.

REVIEW: Quinoa – A Middle Class Sketch Show

A bit like quinoa itself, this show was a hit and miss mixture of amusement, hilarity and awkwardness.

Pembroke Players president protests preposterous prices at playhouse

For everyone who’s ever thought ‘Gee, I wish my Nando’s Card worked for plays.’

Bafflesmash discuss comedy, thug-life and Aristotle

CONSTANCE CHAPMAN comes away from her meeting with Bafflesmash feeling, well… baffled.

Review: Love and Money

LOUIS SHANKAR is impressed by the performances in this chaotic but thought-provoking play.


LAURA PATERSON is let down by an ambitious drama that descends into cliché


“Art is what you can get away with.” Which turns out to be quite a lot if you’ve got good comic timing, says NANCY NAPPER-CANTER.


Theatre Editor KIERAN CORCORAN can’t quite pin down this play, nor can the play seem to pin itself down; neither of these points are to its credit.

Golden Gods Charity Smoker

PHIL LIEBMAN likes free wine and comedy. A trip to Pembroke New Cellars got him both.