nancy napper-canter

Real World Problems

NANCY NAPPER CANTER highlights a real problem in amongst our Cambridge ‘woes’.

The Spanish Tragedy

“King’s College Chapel is so fantastic a setting that it’s difficult not to grant this play a star before it’s even begun.” NANCY NAPPER CANTER is impressed – but only because she was sitting near the front.

The Last Confession

Though it failed to thrill, this didn’t ruin it for NANCY NAPPER CANTER.

Robinson May Ball

NANCY NAPPER CANTER almost runs outa puns in her review of Robinson May Ball.

Widow’s Walk

NANCY NAPPER CANTER is underwhelmed by the play that cried plot.

Interview: Lucy Rose

NANCY NAPPER CANTER takes tea with Lucy Rose and looks beyond the fringe.

Interview: Clive Anderson

Selwynite NANCY NAPPER CANTER interviews ex-Selwynite Clive Anderson about Selwyn and interviewing.

Interview: Rory McGrath

NANCY NAPPER CANTER and KIKI BETTS-DEAN and are beguiled by Cantab, comedian and Cambridge townie Rory McGrath.

ICE to See You, To See You, ICE

This show gets some ICE-y treatment from KIKI BETTS-DEAN and NANCY NAPPER-CANTER.

Interview: Lenny Henry

NANCY NAPPER CANTER quizzes Lenny Henry on his new-found student life.

The Dumb Waiter

NANCY NAPPER CANTER [pause] likes [pause] this [pause] play.

Bird Pie

New musical fails to take flight for NANCY NAPPER-CANTER. We’re in for more of a chicken run.