Katie Zinser: Week 2

In her second column, KATIE ZINSER tries to get you all to raise a smile.

Underdogs Undress

Tit Hall’s waterpolo team can’t swim but they can strip.

Naughty Notts Nude for Wonga

Nottingham Uni Polo have found a perky new way to make polo affordable.

Oxford Library Shagged Shut

Other Place hanky panky has forced College officials to close Oriel College’s library in the continuing saga of book-stack nookie.

Portsmouth Porno Pandemonium

Unedited snaps for Portsmouth Uni’s charity nude calendar made it to porn sites causing outrage and doubt.

Library Nudity “Unacceptable”

Students at The Other Place’s Worcester College have been blasted by College Librarians for distracting other students with their “Half-Naked Half-Hours.”

Tab Tries: Stripping Off for Cash

“It looks a bit like a scene from Antiques Roadshow, except I appear on half the antiques.” ALASDAIR PAL goes life modelling.

Scott Dunn With Varsity

Holiday providers Scott Dunn have decided to withdraw sponsorship of the Ski Trip after hearing what students got up to.

The Naked Truth

Confused as to why you decided to get naked in Market Square last night? IZZY PRITCHARD gets to the bottom of the vogue for stripping off.

Tab Rates vs. Tab Slates: Week One

After Week One, Rates vs. Slates is feeling a little jaded by Facebook events and inadvertent naked supervisor encounters.

Tom Davenport’s Strictly Speaking

Undercover at the Pick Club

Naked News

Cambridge students present a round-up of the news in the buff.

I’m Watching You

As the final series of Celebrity Big Brother draws to a close, TABATHA LEGGETT confronts her guilty pleasure and explains why 5% of the British population are still watching.

Tom Davenport’s Strictly Speaking

Reporting the news that everyone else missed.