Let’s talk about snaps, baby

Ploy Kingchatchaval: Week One

Lauren Chaplin – the butterfly effect

The schmaltz continues as LAUREN CHAPLIN discusses Hebrew, choices, and Myspace wisdom.

The Covert Critique

A stab at the virtual ‘poisoned pen’ of the online critic, and a consideration of the freedom that comes with internet anonymity.

Social Media Revolution?

ALI LEWIS on the dangers of confusing Facebook with real bravery.

Freshers’ Week Gig Guide

The Tab’s new music Co-Editor, JONNY CARTER on some of the best gigs going on this Freshers’ Week.

Tab Interview: Eliza Doolittle

Following a summer of festival performances, Eliza Doolittle spoke to TABATHA LEGGETT about X Factor and her own music career.

Status Update: Nobody Cares

Facebook just seems to give the worst people a platform to be even worse.