Being gay in a Muslim family

It’s time to stop using religious tolerance to defend intolerance

Is it really fair to accuse the British education system of failing British Muslims?

Cantab Allan Hennessy claimed on the BBC that British Muslims join ISIS due to unemployment and poor education – so, have you heard the one about the alleged Homerton jihadist?

Germaine Greer is a massive hater

She is a bizarre human being

Homerton grad missing as husband joins ISIS in Syria

Iimaan Ismail, a Cambridge graduate and ex-Tab writer, has not been heard of since being released from Manchester police custody following allegations of ‘wilful ignorance’

Skandar Keynes: Week 3

This week, SKANDAR shows that Middle Eastern drinking culture doesn’t end at Fez.

Tim Winter: A Muslim Response

Tim Winter’s words are misguided, but he does not speak for Islam, says ZACK HASSAN.

Handshake Shakeup for Interviews

Admissions Tutors have been sent a guidance video advising them on how to judge whether to handshake an interviewee.

Christmas: Fun For All The Family?

LVJ asks if ‘perhaps for the students forced to endure the next few days abroad the doomstruck departure boards are nothing short of a Christmas miracle’.

Jess Murray

Creationists Need a Helpful Slap

Berk in Burka Row

Nick Griffin has slated Cambridge for allowing students to graduate in burkas