Science: The Musical

CHRIS BORN is reasonably entertained by this scientific musical.

CUMTS Gala Night 2014

JOSH MARKS has plenty of fun at the CUMTS Gala Night despite some slightly dodgy singing.

The 24 Hour Musical

Notes on A Scandal: IMOGEN PHILLIPS reviews a night of madness, music and muggles.

Funny Girl

This musical doesn’t quite make the cut for LEYLA LESNIAREK-HAMID and CHLOE COLEMAN.

Songs for a New World

DANIEL CLEMENTS enjoys the great band and singing of this Jason Robert Brown’s song cycle.

Edinburgh Fringe: The Theory of Justice: The Musical

HANNAH MIRSKY is left baffled by this unusual take on philosophical thought.


LEYLA HAMID and CHLOE COLEMAN are impressed by this sexy, lively and sharp musical.


MATTHEW WOLFSON is uninspired by a performance which doesn’t do justice to its writing.


CHLOE COLEMAN is pleasantly surprised by this all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza.

Merrily We Roll Along

JEFF CARPENTER is merrily blown away by this top shelf music.

The Theatre Guide Dog Awards Lent 2012

You’ve worked awfully hard this term, and THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG is here to give you treats.


KIERAN CORCORAN has gotten theatrical diabetes from the end-of-term musical.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 7

Need some good misery to roll around in? Fear not, THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG will point the way.

CU Show Choir: You Can’t Stop The Beat

JEFF CARPENTER wonders why they won’t smile.

Take the Fast Train

JEFF CARPENTER takes the first sting of his Lent term criticism out on some sixth formers. The bully.

The Ratcatcher

JEFF CARPENTER is fittingly bewitched by the piper’s tunes but otherwise left unenchanted.

Jerry Springer the Opera

LEO PARKER-REES conducts a paternity test and finds that this show truly is the daddy.

Bird Pie

New musical fails to take flight for NANCY NAPPER-CANTER. We’re in for more of a chicken run.

Sweeney Todd

Theatre Editor CAITLIN DOHERTY gets blinded by the pies into enjoying something she definitely shouldn’t.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 4

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG mourns the loss of Theatrical salvation for Cambridge, while giving you a rundown to what’s worth going to this week.