How to Succeed in Satire Without Really Offending

A director defends his production

REVIEW: The Last Five Years

A musical in two directions.

REVIEW: A Little Night Music

Exam term blues are lifted with the ADC’s excellent adaptation of the classic musical.

REVIEW: Trump’d

This madcap satire is entertaining, but doesn’t entirely live up to its premise

REVIEW: When You Improv On A Star-An Improvised Disney Musical

The Cambridge Impronauts have produced an Exam Term crowd-pleaser, says Joseph Spencer.

REVIEW: West Side Story

This fairytale of New York is as magical as ever.

Review: Godspell

James Daly truly enjoyed Godspell, a show like no other.

REVIEW: The Pirates of Penzance

Luke was thoroughly impressed by this imaginative rendition of one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most famous comic operettas.

Review: A New Musical In Concert

‘How do you make your voice heard in a world that wants to keep you quiet?’ Olivia Hylto is still not entirely sure.

Why I’m writing a new musical

Because doing a degree isn’t time consuming enough

REVIEW: Pippin

Lia Johansen-Villanueva went to see Pippin and proceeded to fall utterly in love with three boxes, ten people, and a whole lot of magic.

Review: BARE

As a production, BARE is almost perfect. Tonight’s performance was less so, but we both recognise its potential.

Preview: BARE

BARE is set to have you dancing and crying with a strong musical score and talented cast

Review: Best of Show Choir

FREYA HARRIS is pleasantly surprised by the cheesy tunes of the CU Show Choir

RENT Review

MARK DANCIGER is impressed by a phenomenal production despite struggling to follow some of the plot.

Guys and Dolls: A spectacular spectacle


The Witches of Eastwick: dark, poignant and wonderfully funny

MOLLY O’CONNOR is impressed by a strong cast and a mystical show.

Review: [title of show]

WILL POPPLEWELL is blown away by an evening of entertainment from some of Cambridge’s finest.

The Last Hundred

JOSH MARKS is blown away by this evening of excerpts from a new student-written musical.

Dystopia: The Musical! (a sketch show)

From executive producer Michael Bay, a brand new sketch show-cum-musical by Footlights regulars, coming soon to a Corpus Playroom near you.