murder mystery

REVIEW: Maskerade

Maskerade narrowly avoids making a hatchet job of Pratchett.

REVIEW: The Real Inspector Hound

Smoking guns and theatre critics — oh, my! Jamie P. Robson investigates ‘The Real Inspector Hound’.

Sunday Serial New Year’s Day Finale: Endings and Exeats

What a journey it’s been, since that fateful day the stranger arrived at The Sleepy Corridor. Embrace your NYE hangover and join OLD DAL in the season finale…

The Sunday Serial Christmas Eve Special: Kats and Dogs

Answers are provided and blows are dealt in the first part of our Sunday Serial Christmas specials. Sit back, relax, and let OLD DAL do all the work…

The Sunday Serial: Episode 2 – Keep Calm And…

Whilst the stranger jumps into Sarah’s cupboard, a different story is unfolding on the other side of the corridor. How will the rest of this sleepy 4th year community react to the intrudor? From whence came the blood on Sarah’s carpet?

The Sunday Serial: Episode 1 – The Arrival

In the first episode of The Tab’s Sunday Night Serial, Sarah recieves a mysterious knock at her door… But is it merely a disorientated drunk or will the visitation lead to something altogether more life-changing?