Mock the Week

REVIEW: Have I Got to Mock the Buzzcocks For You?

An all-star showcase of comedy, buzzers and the occasional parrot

Stewart Lee’s Vegetable Stew

Stewart Lee gets a smile, but not a laugh, from editor LOTTIE UNWIN.

Interview: Miles Jupp

AMY JEFFS talks to comedian MILES JUPP- aka ‘Archie from Balamory’- about his new tour, having a family, and being more English than anyone could possibly expect. And destroys her childhood memories while doing it.

Interview: Milton Jones

‘Mock the Week is a bit like doing an exam, you hope the bit you revised comes up or you look a bit of an idiot sitting and smiling there.’ DAVID HOLLAND talks to comedian MILTON ‘the one with the shirts’ JONES.

Review: Stewart Francis

LOTTIE UNWIN: Stewart Francis ‘has claim to the title of best Canadian stand up I have ever seen. It wasn’t a long short list.’

Jon Richardson

LAURIE COLDWELL: ‘Soon, he’s going to be big and you’ll have missed out.’

Review: Jo Caulfield Won’t Shut Up

LOTTIE UNWIN enjoyed this down to earth comic who took no laugh for granted.