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If this year has taught us anything, it’s that CUSU elections can actually matter

Cast your minds back to the heady days of Lent 2015

The People’s Republic speaks: where’s your sense of camaraderie?

Don’t blame CUSU for not publishing your Marx…

Sunset Eternal: conventionally unconventional

THOMAS COUGHLAN is entertained by a night of conventionally unconventional Cambridge humour.

I’m sick of your moralising social-prescriptivist bollocks

On Sunday nights MILO EDWARDS and his friends wear ties, go on swaps and end up in Life. Get over it

Nobody cares what you think

In this week’s column, MILO EDWARDS doesn’t care what you think

Go out and make some friends

In his first column, MILO EDWARDS wants you to stop being so shy

Michaelmas Columnists 2014 Revealed

Cantabrigians, please, welcome to the stage this term’s Tab columnists: Adrian, Charlotte, Ellie and Milo!

What’s On Week Four

We’re halfway through term! Chin up, and get cultured.


CHLOE COLEMAN finds an hour of comedy with no plot line or common thread refreshingly simple, yet reliably funny

Surgeons: A Farce

MATTHEW WOLFSON is disappointed that “Surgeons” doesn’t quite make the cut.

Pembroke Black Tie Smoker

Jaded Theatre Editor FRANCESCA HILL has her bitter heart warmed by this quirky comedy night.

Corpus Smoker

Kids, step away from the ADC: there’s more to comedy than the Footlights. FRANCESCA HILL reviews the Corpus Smoker.