Le Guide Chipelin: Who makes the best chips in Cambridge?

Have you ever wondered what the best chips in Cambridge are? Night-food connoisseur, native to the land of the deep-fried Snickers, found out for you.

I feel like a cynical old man at the age of 19

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Bonfire of the Big Macs

The NUS are voting in the next few minutes on whether to get rid of the one good perk of their Extra card – free McDonald’s.

Interview: Bill Bryson

In an exclusive Tab interview, best-selling author BILL BRYSON tells KATIE FORSTER about his enjoyable experiences with weed, why he will never use Twitter and how Mitt Romney very nearly won him over.

The Great Recession Escape

Fancy running off to foreign countries instead of getting a real job? ARON SOLOMONS runs you through your options.

POM Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

HARRY SHUKMAN reviews Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary on advertising to see if it’s a match for Super Size Me.

The Vegetarian And The Steak

“Aged eleven, I had an epiphany over a lamb burger; a sudden repulsion at the sight of this mangled, minced and oozing meat.” IZZY PRITCHARD, dedicated veggie, swaps diets with a carnivorous companion for a day. Read how they got on here.

BA Hon…estly?

Is a degree in ‘Surf Science’ is really worth it.

Tom Davenport’s Strictly Speaking

Trout angling for top plaice at CUFS