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An insight into how the other half live

What it’s actually like to date a Mathmo

Took one for the team

Here are the most pretentious lines from successful Cambridge personal statements

“Are we pre-disposed to sin?” Yes, yes we are.

SHIT SUBJECT: The Sciences

VOTE NOW: We know, we’ve stretched the definition of ‘Science’ quite far.

Landslide threatens to harm world-famous Mathematical Bridge

Queens’ students left in a state of shock after their normally pristine green turf was disrupted by a landslide

Cambridge’s Lonely Hearts

Struggling to find the one in Cam? He or she could be right here

Vote for Cambridge’s Best MILF

The Tab brings you your weekly instalment of sexy, sexy nerds. This week: Fit Mathmos.

Mark Liu Tries: Jerk Off Instruction

MARK LIU reviews this new craze of sex help video, and then creates his own feminist version…

Lecture Hopping: Take Two

MOLLIE WINTLE continues The Tab’s series of lecture hopping. This week, it’s Medicine, NatSci and PPS.

Cam Profs to Set Maths A-Levels

Maths A-level exams are to be set by Cambridge profs.

A Test of Talent?

One frustrated applicant tells us why psychometric tests fail to measure up.

Walks Of Shame

The Walk of Shame is an inevitable part of the sex-scavenger’s university experience. RUTH MARINER has gathered some first-hand gems to reassure you that you are not the slaggiest biscuit in the box.

All Adds Up For Vorderman Family

Carol Vorderman is ecstatic that her daughter Katie has been offered a place at Cambridge for next year.

Hawking Wheely Leaving?

Stephen Hawking, the world-famous author of A Brief History of Time, is considering leaving Cambridge for a lucrative job in Canada.

Attack of the Clones

Could you handle 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day? TABATHA LEGGETT investigates the pressures of looking perfect.

Fitz Gives Place to 14 Year Old Maths Prodigy

A 14-year old Maths prodigy is set to become the youngest Cambridge undergrad in 273 years after recieving an offer from Fitzwilliam College.