Mark Fiddaman

The Pin and Adam Lawrence Share an Hour

“I laughed more than I have in any other Cambridge sketch show”. But, sadly, not consistently, writes NANCY NAPPER CANTER.

Anything But

One woman, one reviewer: ADAM KIRTON sings the praises of former Footlight Abi Tedder.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 6

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG prophesies theatre to come. And is having suspicious food cravings. WHAT COULD THIS MEAN?

Pretty Little Panic

TALIA RICHARD-CARVAJAL dissects the Footlights’ latest tour show to pretty little pieces, with a little help from her internal monologue.

Anything But (A One-Woman Play)

In the second thrust of her Week 8 double-whammy, MATILDA WNEK glories in a whole hour of just Abi Tedder and a fistful of lolz.

Odds: Footlights Spring Revue

Disparate, incoherent and technical slip-ups…The crowning glory in the Footlights calendar fails to impress PHOEBE LUCKHURST.

Footlights Smoker

ABI BENNETT is impressed with this latest Smoker, for the most part at least.

The Pin

SOPHIE BAUER is wandering around in a cheerful haze after the godfathers of the Footlights treat her to a stream-of consciousness sketch show.