Yew gotta be joking: John’s gives trees to cancer

John’s is doing its best to help people

It’s Time To Cut CUSU Some Slack

Most of us don’t give a fifth of a shit, but TIM SQUIRRELL thinks their work’s worth defending.

Women March Alone

Cambridge women march to demand safer streets.

Po-Po Overload

Lily Cole joined Cambridge activists in yesterday’s protests, despite an “excessive” police presence.

A March With Meaning

TOM MOULE argues against a press spin of peaceful protests against the cuts in London this weekend.

Wong To Team Up With Huppert

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert hopes to leave student dissatisfaction behind him when he appears on BBC show Bang Goes The Theory.

Student Mob Marches Over Cuts And Fees

“Record turnout” at protest event amid condemnations of the “corporate whores” and calls for the “end of capitalism”.

Reclaim the Night

300 female students took to the streets to make a noise for a safer Cambridge on Saturday night.