REVIEW: CUADC/Footlights Panto – Robin Hood

LUKE HEPPENSTALL-WEST is sickeningly positive about a show that blew him away despite being totally extravagent

A Whole Lot of Bother: A whole lot of fun

CONSTANCE CHAPMAN has a whale of a time at the Footlights Spring Revue, and this time they’ve gone old school.

Review: The Weir

MOLLY O’CONNOR is impressed by the good parts of The Weir, but sees a few rough edges.

So you think you’re stressed?

WILL KENNAWAY investigates the students who dare to mix revision with line-learning.


ANNA ISAAC on Berkoff and jerk-off in more or less equal measure. And SHOUTING.

Jerry Springer the Opera

LEO PARKER-REES conducts a paternity test and finds that this show truly is the daddy.


New writing being predictably unpredictable, it’s perhaps not surprising that ZULFIQAR ALI found the wrong bits funny about this show.

An Enemy of the People

AMI JONES is surprised not to have to denounce a production that touches on a lot of familiar tropes with style.

The Real Thing

EMMA ROBERTS knows all about anger. And, finally, she’s been able to put that knowledge to good use. Her neighbours can sleep easy for once.

The Acid Test

KATHARINE ELLIOTT enjoys a trip through an urban alcoholic’s jungle in a show that tackles all the major first world issues.

The Lonesome West

JAMES MACNAMARA looks upwards and yet not northwards, and finds a vision of the west of Ireland that’s patched up its quantum instabilities with lots of accents and jokes.

Ashes to Ashes + The Lover

Greedy LEO PARKER-REES enjoys second helpings of Pinter.

The Tempest

MATILDA WNEK is frustrated by the storytelling strategy of a production that is less than the sum of its parts.

The Physicists

Theatre Editor KIERAN CORCORAN carries out a controlled investigation of a play which, despite a standout performance, is ultimately blinded by its own science.


GEMMA OKE sees a play duck the issue of ‘the human condition in all its complexity’ (ugh) in favour of sketchy Irish accents and the cast’s prelash playlist.


CAITLIN DOHERTY mourns the absence of Tory-bashing, but is otherwise taken in by a poignant stab at privilege and elitism.

Some Explicit Polaroids

ABI BENNETT calls out ‘minimalism born of laziness’, but sees some potential for this show to overcome jitters and confusion.


Wearied Theatre Editor KIERAN CORCORAN can’t stand a play which can’t stand.

The Good Soul Of Szechwan

PHOEBE LUCKHURST overcomes her ADHD to appreciate a big, stylish dollop of Brecht.

Noises Off

Sports Editor JONNY SINGER swaps fields for farces and finds no reason for regret.