Review: Hell of a Life

MARK DANCIGER does not rate this tired and badly paced show.

Whine of the week: Leavers’ hoodies

Hate leavers’ hoodies? Love wine? Read on

Disgraced vicar fellow admits ‘inappropriate sexual behaviour’

A once high-standing academic and pastoral carer stunned a church meeting last night, admitting ‘inappropriate sexual behaviour’

Wyverns in Oxford Rape Row

Magdalene’s infamous drinking society, the Wyverns, are under police investigation for allegedly chanting about rape in Oxford city centre.

Boxing: Gowns beaten black and blue by Town

Read all about the mixed night for our University Boxers in the annual Town vs Gown encounter

Magdalene Reveal Noisettes As Headliners

Pop rock duo The Noisettes will perform at this year’s Magdalene May Ball.

I Need LAD Culture Because…

Your favourite gentleman JOHNNIE WYVERN has something to say before this weekend’s Caesarian Sunday.

Football Cuppers Quarter-Final: Girton 3-0 Magdalene

Girton get past Magdalene to secure a semi-final spot in cuppers.

Football Cuppers: 2nd Round

A complete round of this weekend’s football Cuppers action.

Cam Students Fight Back Against EDL

CUAF will oppose an EDL march next month with a counter protest planned for the same day.

Review: CUSE

HARRY HICKMORE thinks that this string ensemble may have played their cards a little too early.

The Best College Marriage Proposals

From punting trips to televised proposals, find out how Cambridge’s romantics wooed their college spouses.

Trinity Tops Tompkins Table – Take Two

The full Tompkins Table: exclusively on The Tab

Fit College: Homerton v Magdalene

Wow! Fit College is back with sexy students from Homerton and Magdalene. Who’s hot? Who’s not? It’s up to you.

Archbishop of Banterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury is ditching the C of E to become the next Master of Magdalene.

Pembroke Regatta

ROWING: Jonathan Fuhrmann gets a good look at the crews in the Pembroke Regatta, just days before Lent Bumps begin.

Lucy Butterfield

LUCY BUTTERFIELD tries her hand at stage managing. Mistake.


LEO PARKER-REES makes merry marking the Mad Men Mamet at Magdalene.

Loyd GROSS-man

Cantab Loyd Grossman is in hot water after his korma was found to contain deadly poison.

Fit Freshers: Queens’ v Magdalene

After Downing smashed Tit Hall last week, Queens’ take on Magdalene.