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Is Prime Minister Hugh Grant in Love Actually a Tory?

The political commentary you never knew you needed, and probably still don’t

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Emma opened up about shagging in the Newnham toilets, ‘wanky’ theatricals and motorbikes

Union to host Emma Thompson

An unexpected announcement

Crushbridge actually?

Is love in the air… or is this all just one cheesy romcom?

Which “which arbitrary thing is your college” article is your college?

Much aware, very tabception.

Which Love Actually character is your college?

Christmas is TOMORROW and chances are the annual viewing of Curtis’s classic has already taken place…

Tab Meets: Richard Curtis – “I didn’t want to cast Hugh Grant”

ANNA WILMOT chats to Richard Curtis about how to be a successful filmmaker, love, and the mysteries of casting.

The Tab Guide To Occupying Your Time This Christmas

Finding it difficult to do anything other than eat and gaze pensively this vacation? BETH SWORDS shows us how to banish over-indulgence and underwhelming revelations.