Lottie Unwin

Sharm El Break

The Tab’s Jailbreak team smash their Varsity counterparts to make it to to Egypt…but are beaten by a journey to Washington! Read the results and reaction here.

Lottie Unwin: Drama Queen (In Absentia)

The weekly run-down of what’s on in theatres across Cambridge.

Team Tab Jailbreak – Live!

Follow Lottie Unwin’s Jailbreak progress LIVE, all weekend.

Lottie Unwin: Drama Queen

Our resident Drama Queen’s guide to what’s on in Week 2

Review: Signatures

LOTTIE UNWIN thinks if, like her, you think contemporary dance sounds horrific you should broaden your horizons.

The Race Is On

LOTTIE UNWIN warns Varsity and TCS to prepare for Failbreak

Review: Lock, Stock and Improv

The Tab team is split – SOPHIE BAUER likes what LOTTIE UNWIN hates.