Wouldn’t be at Oxford: St John’s to Serve Lobster

For the first time ever, lobster will be featured on the regular formal and buttery menus at St John’s. CLAUDIA LEONG reports.

‘There are downsides to going to St John’s’: Why students hate me for being a Johnian

OSCAR WILLIAMS-GRUT admits being scorned by supervisors and ignored by neighbours as a direct result of his college.

Lent Bumps 2012: Day Five Round-Up

LENT BUMPS: The competition drew to a close on Saturday, with Downing and Caius retaining their headships as the blades and spoons were dished out.


LENT BUMPS 2012: follow our live updates for the FINAL DAY of the competition.

Robinson Head

ROWING: JON FUHRMANN watches an all too rare foray onto the frozen Cam and forecasts some Bumps favourites.

Rowers Step It Up For Uni IVs

ROWING: JONATHAN FUHRMANN assesses the competition in the second rowing event of the year as colleges start to look towards the end of the term.

Anyone’s Game On The River

ROWING: The river is wide open this term, as novices replace those trialling, says JONATHAN FUHRMANN.

John’s Salvage Pride In Uni Fours

LMBC show strong form for Fairbairns by winning both the Blue ribband events in the Uni Fours.

Rowing Update: Who Is Hot For Fairbairns?

JONATHAN FUHRMANN brings the latest news from the river, and bravely predicts which colleges look good for the Fairbairn Cup.

Downing Dominate At Head Of The River

Downing stormed to a remarkable 67th place at Saturday’s Head of the River Race, as a much-fancied FaT crew slipped way off the pace.

Easter Rowing So Far

For the real hardcore boaties out there, it just doesn’t stop after Lents. From Cardinals to Kingston, The Tab takes a look at all the recent rowing action.

Women’s Winter Head to Head Action

See the Tab’s coverage of the Women’s Divisions at Cambridge Winter Head to Head race.

Queens’ Rule Supreme On River

Queens’ M1 smash the field at Winter Head to Head

College Rowing Preview: Lent 2010

The Tab takes a look at Lent Term’s college Rowing action.