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SOPHIE WILLIAMS finds out whether the 1953 film version of your French set-text will help you pass your exams.

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CB1 Poetry

‘Anything that is ‘Open Mic’ runs the risk of the mad, bad or sad of the creative arts taking their moment of glory.’ JESS MIDDLETON-PUGH braves the edgy artists at The Punter for some open mic poetry.

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AHIR SHAH asks why Bob Dylan didn’t win the 2011 Nobel Prize for Literature.

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With Kindles and iPads keen on turning over a more shiny, silicon leaf, BEN DALTON argues that we should try and rekindle our old, papery flame.

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LEXI ABRAMS on the anonymous gay blogger who is just “crying out for attention.”

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Following the recent news of Shakespeare’s new play, CHLOE MASHITER wonders whether it will live up to its hype.