In defence of post-prelim blues

We’ve all heard the chorus of “This term is super fun for English and History students! They get eight weeks of lounging in the grass before May Week while everyone else slaves in the library.”

Skullduggery Unpleasant: King’s College library seeks return of missing skull

Only in Cambridge would there be TWO skulls missing at the same time

COST OF LIVING: Most expensive college revealed

We found a stunning £74 difference in the weekly cost of living between the most and least expensive.

The great library cash cow: Over £100,000 in a year racked up by Cambridge’s biggest libraries

Students are terrified of the draconian penalties for late and lost books.

Tab guide to: The worst people in the library

Rosie Brown peers over the books and realises she hates everyone.

Why I love the UL

And you should too.

A very UL horror story

Forget halloween, you’re about to hear a very scary Cambridge tale based entirely on real life events.

Emotional stages of an essay crisis as told through classic rock songs

Books and desks and rock and roll

I spent 24 hours in the library just to fill my empty life

I don’t even have exams

Stressed College Part 2

Top 9 places to revise in Cambridge

Excluding libraries…

Confessions of a Library Wanker

I’m not even ashamed

Lies you tell yourself during exams

Blissful ignorance is life.

An open letter to all the people that piss me off

Please stop doing that

Shock and horror: Library unable to cut in a straight line

And you might be a suspect

A reading week would ruin Cambridge

CUSU Women’s campaign and CDE have bred and spawned a new hashtag monster, #endweek5blues.

I went to Bristol for three years and it was shit compared to Cambridge

Isobel Cockerell argues that the Cambridge experience is undeniably superior.

Summer holiday made me stoopid

Cambridge vacations make you really stupid like, argues JOE GOODMAN

Are you nerdier than a Royal Holloway student, Cambridge?

Compare yourself to national stats! (Surprise surprise, Oxonians are pretty average.)

Sexually frustrated during exam term?

SOPHIA VAHDATI explores the world of sexual frustration during exam term.