LGBT Cambridge

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Glitterbomb responds to allegations of mistreatment of student performers

Patrick Cant, the manager of Glitterbomb’s Cambridge branch, has issued a comprehensive statement addressing issues brought up in the article

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The Tab Talks to Miz Cracker

World Renowned Drag Superstar Miz Cracker decided to pop to Cambridge for a show, a lecture, and most significantly a cheeky little chin wag with this lucky editor

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Review: Dragtime Presents: Cirque du Slay

Another smash from the well known drag group

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Getting involved with the Cambridge LGBT+ community: A guide

Tips from the CUSU LGBT+ Committee

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Which RuPaul’s Drag Race Queen is your college?

Arguably The Cambridge Tab’s most controversial article to date

Homophobia isn’t dead in Cambridge

‘Oi, gay night’s on Tuesday’

Being gay in a Muslim family

It’s time to stop using religious tolerance to defend intolerance

CICCU is broken

Some names have been changed in order to protect the anonymity of the persons involved.

Flying the LGBT+ rainbow flag is patronising, and it won’t get us anywhere.

Aesthetics without actions don’t mean anything

Your boyfriend is probably gay – but that doesn’t make you less of a woman

Don’t let others’ liberation become your oppression

Gay pride flashmob occupies King’s Parade for Sochi

Students stand up to Putin in kiss-in flashmob