REVIEW: Comedy Weakly

Rory Sachs thought Comedy Weakly’s fast-paced hour of one liners and surreal stereotypes will fit in with the Late-Show crowd.

Flicked off: ADC show cancelled after rights fiasco

They seem to have forgotten they’d given exclusive rights to the National Theatre.

Review: Best of Show Choir

FREYA HARRIS is pleasantly surprised by the cheesy tunes of the CU Show Choir

Review: The Unprofessionals

ISA BONACHERA is extremely impressed with this new comedy offering by Henry Wilkinson.

Science: The Musical

CHRIS BORN is reasonably entertained by this scientific musical.

The Massacre at Paris

HELENA ROY does actually like a somewhat limp production of Marlowe.

Footlights Smoker

With its peaks and troughs, this smoker relied too heavily on already established Footlights, claims TOMMY SHANE.

Pick Me Up

PHIL LIEBMAN thinks that Pick Me Up is clever, but in a good way.


THEA HAWLIN develops a ravenous appetite for the delectable Kat Griffiths.

You’ve Burnt the Parsnips

Theatre Editor AMI JONES doesn’t mean to be impolite, but she simply can’t bring herself to stomach this underseasoned offering.

Scrooge & Marley

Some shows are prize turkeys. Some shows, like this one, just depict the buying of prize turkeys through the medium of well-handled character acting. In response, AMI JONES’ cup o’er runneth with cheer and bodily effusions.

Cruel and Tender

The ADC lateshow leaves KIERAN CORCORAN with a less than tragic sense of disappointment as the cruelty and tenderness treads the fine line between subtle and dull.


LEO PARKER-REES is turned off by a drama that misses the point of television.


New writing at the Corpus Playroom leaves JAMES STANIFORTH pleasantly surprised but still waiting for his coffee.


ZULFIQAR ALI finds the ADC lateshow unafraid to make a break from convention, even if the convention is sometimes ‘being funny’.


EMMA ROBERTS discovers that the revolution probably won’t be theatrical-ised either.

Dandelion Heart

This week’s ADC lateshow leads to AMI JONES running away from the circus.

I Found My Horn

One actor, one reviewer. AMI JONES sounds off about a lateshow with sloppy moments that redeems itself by the end.

Once Upon a Dream

ABBIE SAUNDERS gets all animated over a musical Disney binge. She may even have been singing along.

Anything But (A One-Woman Play)

In the second thrust of her Week 8 double-whammy, MATILDA WNEK glories in a whole hour of just Abi Tedder and a fistful of lolz.