lara ferris

Grey Matters: A new approach to mental health awareness

LARA FERRIS investigates an immersive theatre project with a serious message

The Butler

“If Forrest Gump was the white Hollywood version of US history, intersecting famous historical events with personal narrative, then The Butler is its demanding, subversive, powerful little brother”. LARA FERRIS reviews the latest Oscar contender.

The God of Carnage

HANNAH MIRSKY is compelled by the behaviour of squabbling adults who have forgotten to put away childish things.

First Time Producer: Behind the Scenes

Ever wondered what a producer actually does? Fresher LARA FERRIS gives us the low-down on what goes on in the countdown to opening night.

That Face

“You wish you had a cushion to hide behind.” It’s a sign of its prowess that this show is difficult to enjoy, writes FRANCESCA HILL.