The Great Recession Escape

Fancy running off to foreign countries instead of getting a real job? ARON SOLOMONS runs you through your options.

Americanisms: What’s The Big Issue?

Do “Americanisms” bastardize our fair Queen’s English?

Sit Down, You Awful People!

In the wake of mass walkout of the RSC’s production of Marat/Sade, LEO PARKER-REES tells the audience where to get off. Expect offensive language and adult themes.

The Language Of The Like

That chirpy Facebook thumbs-up is undermining our use of language, one happy click at a time.

Embracing Slang, LOL

SOPHIE THORPE dives into the new and unfamiliar world of scrabble slang and asks whether words without vowels should have made it into our dictionary after all.

Gay Slang Faces Extinction

Research carried out in Cam has revealed that gay language Polari is just one of 21 languages in the UK facing extinction.

A Literally Lethal Problem

Have you come over all Lauren from The Hills, and started tragically misusing the word ‘literally’?