kieran corcoran

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 5

Nothing makes KIERAN CORCORAN blue; not even bad theatre. See him clown his way through the week to come.


Wearied Theatre Editor KIERAN CORCORAN can’t stand a play which can’t stand.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 4

KIERAN CORCORAN casts puppy love aside to serve the dark lady of Theatre.

Res Gestae

KIERAN CORCORAN banishes this play from his sight for staining the Imperial name of Theatre.

Theatre Sniffer Dog: Week 3

KIERAN CORCORAN has been chasing down crime, but still has some energy left for theatre.

Interview: Carl Heap

KIERAN CORCORAN talks to expert director CARL HEAP, who is directing The Marlowe Society’s production of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. And has a bit of an obsession with oranges.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 2

The Theatre Guide Dog broke out of jail too, but still took the time to give you the theatre fix you crave. He’s so loyal it might as well be proverbial.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 1

Theatre Editor KIERAN CORCORAN has some big paws to fill. Judge him as he rounds up this week’s pack of plays.

The South: Theatre Guide Fairy

As Cambridge’s very own theatre guide dog finishes his last minute shopping, the theatre fairy has arrived to sprinkle your eyes with theatrical magic from the South.