Kettle’s Yard

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska: Vorticist!

Kettle’s Yard does big things with a small space for RUTH MARINER

Voices of Women and Whales

Avant-garde instrumental techniques conjure up oceanic soundscapes for RUTH MARINER

Holly’s Highlights: Week 1

After a week of being distracted by totty, HOLLY STEVENSON finds new ways to distract herself.

A Question Is Better Than An Answer

Metaphysics and wine adds up to a successful concert for RUTH MARINER.

Bridget Riley @ Kettle’s Yard

JESS-MIDDLETON PUGH isn’t impressed by the sickly-sweet candy colours on display at Bridget Riley’s new exhibition at Kettle’s Yard.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 0

Fancy doing something cultural to balance out your Freshers’ Week binge? Check out Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON’s guide to what’s on this week.

Interview: Andy Holden

‘I want to be able to work with themes that could otherwise be seen as pretentious to comment on.’ TABATHA LEGGETT talks to artist ANDY HOLDEN about his exhibition Chewy Cosmos Thingly Time, currently on display at Kettle’s Yard.

Andy Holden @ Kettle’s Yard

JESS MIDDLETON-PUGH is impressed by the silliness of Andy Holden’s current exhibition, which lacks pretension and revels in fun.

Montague/Mead Piano Plus

JAMES WELLAND was impressed by the suitable ‘schizophrenia’ of this slightly repetitious concert.

New Music at Kettle’s Yard

Being unable to see the ballet left JOE BATES to blindly suffer a lunchtime of musical mediocrity.

Gig Guide: Week 1

Week 1 is underway, so stop trawling through all those flyers and termsheets and get back to work- The Tab has got the weeks classical and non-classical music all accounted for in this comprehensive guide. JOE BATES and DAVID HOLLAND bring you everything from I Am Kloot to Scwanengesang.

Classical Music: The Best of Lent Term

JOE BATES launches the new classical music column and tells you why Elgar’s Gerontius, the visit of Libor Pesek and an interesting marriage of Figaro and Facebook mean that Cambridge concert-goers are in for a treat.

Tab Classical

JOE CONWAY’s weekly column returns, with a guest review from JEFF CARPENTER.

Tab Interview: Lizzie Fisher

TABATHA LEGGETT spoke to Lizzie Fisher, a curator at Kettle’s Yard about the John Cage exhibition.

Review: Violin and Piano Recital at Kettle’s Yard

JOE CONWAY : ‘A stray sunbeam drifted down through the skylight gilding her violin. Catherine’s eyes glanced heavenwards and the sublime semiquavers got underway.’

Review: Classical Music @ Kettle’s Yard

JOE CONWAY discovered an excellent showcase of university talent in this American dominated set.

Tab Interview: Tom de Freston

JENNIFER ELLIS meets Tom de Freston in St. Peter’s Chapel to preview his new exhibition and ask him about becoming an artist, silly garments, and being crude…

Robert Smith: Culture Vulture

Our resident cultured prick returns to fill us in on what’s going to be big in Week 2.

Review: Dr Faustus

PHOEBE LUCKHURST is entranced by this new incarnation of Marlowe’s ‘Dr Faustus’; includes must-see first night photos of this must-see play.

Review: Modern Times at Kettle’s Yard

DAVID LOWRY explains how understanding well hung art can get you a well hung man.