Ken Cheng

Former Cambridge undergrad Ken Cheng takes on Trump with hilarious thread attacking flags

Flagging up problems with… flags

REVIEW: Have I Got to Mock the Buzzcocks For You?

An all-star showcase of comedy, buzzers and the occasional parrot

REVIEW: Ken Cheng: Chinese Comedian

Definitely not falsely advertised

The Mark Liu Story

WILL POPPLEWELL does not entirely get into this hour of exam-term standup.

Charlie Palmer – Stop patronising football fans

CHARLIE PALMER is sick to death of being mocked for his love of Football.

Let The Footlights stamp on their own critics

In response to the defence of The Footlights, TOMMY SHANE argues for the importance of criticism over blanket praise.

Tab Blind Date: Mollie and Three White Guys

Tab Blind Date is back with a Christmas special! And in the spirit of giving, we’ve allowed five guys on a date instead of one…

Corpus Smoker

ELLIE WARR is in safe hands for her first night of comedy at the Corpus Smoker.

Wolfson Howler

TOMÁS SABAT kicks off his freshers week with a cracking night of comedy featuring household name Russell Howard.

Russell Howard to Headline Howler

Russell Howard, from off of the telly, will be headlining the Wolfson Howler tomorrow evening, The Tab can exclusively reveal.

Three White Guys

LEYLA HAMID and CHLOE COLEMAN are charmed by this evening of comedy that manages to (almost) take their minds of exam term.

Wolfson Howler

OLI THICKNESSE is thoroughly entertained by a stellar line-up that throws something new into the mix of Cambridge comedy.

Mark Liu: Week 1

In his first column, MARK talks rejected screenplays, Sims 3 and the fact that you’re all jealous of him.

CamFM Harlem Shakes Its Way to ITV Fame

CamFM puts Cambridge on the map with its take on the Harlem Shake.

Pembroke Black Tie Smoker

Jaded Theatre Editor FRANCESCA HILL has her bitter heart warmed by this quirky comedy night.

Corpus Smoker

Kids, step away from the ADC: there’s more to comedy than the Footlights. FRANCESCA HILL reviews the Corpus Smoker.

Ken Kardashian

TOMMY SHANE spent the night with the crème de la crème of Cambridge comedy talent.

Ken Cheng: The Man Behind Mark Liu

FELIX NUGEE uncovers the man behind the Mark.

Corpus Smoker

ABI BENNETT would have enjoyed this more if everyone had just calmed down a bit…

Christ’s Holy Smoker

Hilarity in the name of charity is not quite enough for ELLIE OGILVIE to laugh through the whole night