jesus may ball

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Jesus! May Ball in name change fee controversy

God only knows what the logic is…

Jesus May Ball: Headliner REVEALED

JACK GARRATT will be headlining, joining the previously announced Coasts

How to break into a May Ball – according to the people who’ve done it

Are the tickets really worth it?

Jesus May Ball 2013

FRANCESCA HILL dresses like a middle-aged woman and spends a long time staring at a some pretty lights.

Maverick Sabre to Headline Jesus May Ball

Jesus May Ball 2013 will host soul singer Maverick Sabre, as Radio DJ MistaJam headlines the DJ set.

Jesus May Ball

KATIE MAIR’S well-lubricated (not just by the rain) ride on the Orient Express is one worth remembering.

Review: Homerton June Event

PHOEBE LUCKHURST: ‘For such a miniscule budget, Homerton delivered if not a great event, a really fun event.’

Crashing a Ball

A May Ball crasher offers his perspective on his dangerous pursuit.

Jesus May Ball

PHOEBE LUCKHURST: “A very reasonable ticket price, and fun abounding from every court, cloister, tree and marquee, Jesus May Ball was a fantastic evening.”

Council Folk-Up

A council cock-up has called into question whether they are fit to manage this year’s May Balls.

Jesus, that’s too loud!

Jesus May Ball 2009 was shut early after Cambridge Council intervened due to excessive noise.