Reflections on Cambridge after a year abroad

When people ask me how my year abroad in Japan went, I usually say “it was interesting”.

Cultures should never be themes

Using Tokyo-to-Kyoto as a form of entertainment would have only furthered the growing insensitivity towards Asian cultures

Ditching ‘Tokyo-to-Kyoto’ is patronising and ignorant

Can’t be bothered to learn the history of a country? Assume they’re all the same and yell ‘offensive’ whenever things get a little international.

Trinity Hall June Event: Lineup Revealed

Deep house star Route 94 is topping a bill that includes acclaimed underground DJ Hunee and traditional Japanese Taiko drummers.

REVIEW: The Comedy of Errors

Robyn Bellinger found few errors in this comedy.

Haiku of the Week: Week 1

The end of freshers’ week and another haiku. Tanoshimu

Haiku of the Week: Week 0

Relax into Cambridge with seventeen syllables of wisdom. Tanoshimu.

How to Impress an Asian Studies Student Without Trying

SOPHIE WILLIAMS tells you how to blag your way into the heart of students of Chinese/Japanese/Korean by watching films.

A Series of Unfortunate Cambridge Summers

Two sociopathic goats, detainment in prison, forced circumcision and reincarnation as a Heian warrior… No, this is not the plot to the next instalment of Game of Thrones. This is a series of unfortunate Cambridge summers.

What Happens On Tour…

GENEVIEVE GAUNT gives us a behind the scenes glimpse at the Pembroke Players’ Shakespeare tour in Japan, including Gaga-related antics and finding Japan’s smallest woman.

Simon Norman

SIMON NORMAN is a bit lost, but it’s OK – being lost can sometimes mean finding yourself/a patisserie/ at least a Starbucks coffee.

13 Assassins

Sweat, swords, and Samurai leave ADAM LANDA feeling lucky.

Review and EXCLUSIVE Interview: Iron Chef

KING EGGMISTRESS talks to Iron Chef presenter Olly Smith about touching Anne Robinson’s breasts – ‘a truly magnificent rack’.

Society Spy: Steamin and a Rollin

Trainspotting: minus the drug habit and the incomprehensible Scots dialect.