Jamie Mathieson


JAMIE MATHIESON thinks you should hold your breath for this moving portrayal of young lives gone wrong.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

JAMIE MATHIESON may be a walking stereotype, but he ain’t got nothing on this movie.

Preview: Watersprite

Film Editor JAMIE MATHIESON previews the Student Film Festival, and learns the origins of its silly name.

Clare Comedy

Headlock-happy hecklers can’t stop CHLOE MASHITER from enjoying something a bit different at Clare Comedy.

Footlights Smoker

Bosh. Bing. Bang. ALEX HUGHES loves this smoker so much she is reduced to onomatopoeia


JAMIE MATHIESON challenges his readers to fisticuffs and asserts an uncomfortable truth: Shakespeare isn’t cool.

War Horse

JAMIE MATHIESON sends Spielberg’s equine epic to the knacker’s yard.

The Artist

Film Editor JAMIE MATHIESON gushes everywhere. Find out why.

Milton Jones at The Wolfson Howler

LOTTIE UNWIN gets her lolz out with the lads.