James Bond

Five Personas To Assume On A Date

BETH SWORDS makes your life easier with five personas you can assume on a date.

Rolling Stones: Rolling In It

COSMO GODFREE argues that the Rolling Stones have become nothing but rock ‘n’ roll rip-off merchants.

Katie Zinser: Week 5

Most stuff isn’t worth getting worked up about. Especially in week 5.


JAMES MITCHELL wasn’t hugely impressed with the latest Bond.

Cambridge Parkour

JOE BATES meets the mysterious men behind the King’s Parade backflips.

Interview: Roger Moore

ELENA PALA gets a bit shaken and a little stirred by 007 legend SIR ROGER MOORE. They talk James Bond, Audrey Hepburn and how to mix the perfect martini.

The Real Deal

HUGO JONES on why his favourite tipple is real ale – and the best places in Cambridge to procure the dark stuff.

Top Lads Dominate Union Lineup

Al Murray, Jeremy Paxman and Sir Roger Moore will feature as highlights of the Cambridge Union Society’s termcard. You heard it here first.


SARAH McCANN has one word for this thriller. And that word is…